Keep Bugs and Other Intruders Out of Your Home

Our pest control company in Elizabethtown & Lancaster, PA will prevent pest infestations

If you wanted to share your personal space with creepy crawlies, you'd sleep outside every night. If you're like most people, you want your home and workspace free of ants, bed bugs, stink bugs and spiders. Lopez Pest Control is a renowned pest control company in Elizabethtown and Lancaster, PA. Our goal is to provide affordable pest control services to home and business owners in our community.

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Serving Lancaster, Hershey, Harrisburg, Elizabethtown, and 50 miles outside of Elizabethtown

Spiders and bugs can cause big issues

Pest infestations can cause a wide variety of problems. They can:

  • Get into your food
  • Spread germs and diseases
  • Make your business look dirty
  • Destroy your furniture and possessions

Discuss our pest control services with us now by calling 717-650-0416.

Who do you turn to for bug removal?

Our pest control company is backed by experience. We've been open for more than two years and combined, our owner and technicians have over 25 years of experience in the industry. We're focused on providing exceptional customer service and thorough pest removals. Plus, you'll get affordable prices and free estimates when you work with us.

Maybe you're concerned about keeping your commercial space sanitary during the COVID-19 pandemic. We offer extensive disinfecting services. Our supplies have been approved by the CDC to kill coronavirus germs. We'll clean every surface in your building so you can have peace of mind.

Meet with a professional exterminator from our team today. We're based in Elizabethtown, PA but also serve Hershey, Harrisburg and everywhere within a 50-mile radius.

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